Best Shoes for Mens Tuxedo: A Look at the Different Shoe Styles

Best Shoes for Mens Tuxedo: A Look at the Different Shoe Styles

For formal outings, every man should have a pair of tuxedo shoes. Wearing your normal dress shoes just won’t be proper. They would not be as formal and would outrightly taint your decked up look. Also, the majority of them fade when used on a daily basis and would not appear very ceremonial. Therefore, selecting the best shoes for mens tuxedo is essential. After you settle on the correct pair, ensure that you put them on in style, and maintain them in a polished mode with a squeaky shine.

The majority of the tuxedos are all black, therefore nothing outweighs putting on classic black leather dress shoes with this look. You could opt for a shiny black pair of dress shoes as well. Patent leather shoes aren’t such a very good idea, particularly when putting on a kilt with your dinner jacket.

Try on tux shoes that have a hint of color in the event that you have a bolder persona. The white and black combo is a time-honored favorite. Opt for shoes that have contrasting colors on the cut-out or piping. With a navy or brown tuxedo, you could wear brown tux shoes.

Both, slip on and lace up styles are available in tux shoes.  Select according to your own individual taste, due to the fact that neither beats the other as far as making a style statement is concerned. However, do think about the shape of your feet before selecting among the two. Individuals with wide feet should wear lace ups since these could be made to easily fit by adjusting the laces. Loafers, Moccasins, and Oxfords are a common choice for tux shoes.

Simple round toe shoes look good on the majority of men and are considered to be very traditional. You can wear square toe shoes if you have a contemporary style. The fit of square shoes will feel more snug majority of the time. Wingtips are quite trendy as well.

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