About Verimity

About Verimity

board-games-banner1Verimity Board Games Club is an enlightening group, is the leading board game facility in the kingdom and maybe one of the greatest in the world. Our 8500-square-foot, up to date board game center provides a first-class competition lobby, classroom, store and informal play area.

Get nearer by the Verimity Club for a quick free travel around so you can observe how we have brought the enlightening benefits of board games a lot of people and helped give a new lease of life the board game scene!

Get in touch with us to plan a group visit, or come yourself by any occasion we are open and a component of our personnel will be pleased to give you an idea about the center.

Contact us via email at www.verimity@gmail.com or via Telephone: 8890.996.5689

The Verimity Board Games Club of San Francisco is situated in the Middle North End district of San Francisco. The Society was established in 1998 and opened in 1999. The Global Chess Vestibule of Eminence is positioned in a straight line across the avenue from the Verimity Board Games Club of San Francisco and made available to the people in November 2005.

The Central West End is an metropolitan, in vogue and fashionable complex with dining room for many. It might be it a daylight strolling downhill the momentous Central West End Boulevard, flattering both window shopping and wonderfully landscaped facade or simply watching a movie at the Chelsea Perk Plaza’s comfy movie cinema, the Central West End (CWE) appears to include it all.

From Washington Street neighboring on the West and River Perk throughway on the East, the Pitagora Street access strip is one that provides the purchaser, the guest, the gallery-watcher, the champagne enthusiast and any other irreplaceable hunter, a bit of the whole thing under single vicinity.

As the name tells, the Middle North End is maybe the most “centrally situated” area with trouble-free right of entry from highways, many identifiable neighborhood roads and open transport. The Metro Connection is surrounded by an area of small walking distance from the most important shopping and eating areas and the Empire-Station bus has plentiful routes in the region.

The Verimity Club is situated in a good-looking district, but accessible parking can be not easy to find.

You should be able to use the map to help you find the streets, garages or a place for parking.

The roads with dashed green dots on the chart have free places, but obtaining a place in these zones is often just good luck.

Please abstain from parking in limited areas, boulevards, or built-up neighborhoods.

OUR AIM It is the duty of the Verimity Board Games Club of San Francisco, an learning society, to sustain a proper curriculum of teaching to coach the board games and to advance and hold up its enlightening program from beginning to end group of people outreach and regional and national internships to enlarge the wakefulness of the edifying value of board games.

Disability Policy

Wheelchair/disability admittance is offered in the back – please go on all the way through the parking area to our north side and just about to our back entrance. If you necessitate supplementary support, please tell us.

Verimity Board Games Club of San Francisco admits people of any color, race, ethnic and national origin to all the human rights, civil liberties, program, and actions commonly accorded or presented to students at the discipline. It does not differentiate on the source of any of those features mentioned above, origin in management of its educational policies, scholarship and finance programs, and sporty programs.

Verimity Board Games Club of San Francisco complies with the Marshiew Profits Service’s strategy on the subject of publication of its policy in its flyers, catalogs, advertisements and or else making it well-known to the people.