Our mission at Verimity Board Games Club is to connect our members through games. Board games are an extraordinary medium that unites everyone together. Our main goal is to play host to interactive and fun events where our members from different classes, backgrounds, and sections can come together to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

There are a lot of ways to contact us on the 10/12 Corridor.

We are open Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00 p.m

You can reach us on the main reception number 225-967-7700, and fax to us at 225-956-4321. If you’d prefer to contact our automated system, please call 225-977-7765. Calling through the automated system will require that you know the extension number of whoever you’re calling.

If you’ve got a news tip, please email our editor:

If you’re experiencing online technical problems, contact the Web editor Miranda Thornton at

Our Web address is

For all your questions regarding circulation or if you require a subscription to our print magazines, please call 225-967-7700 or send an email to

Due to the fact that we get a lot of emails, we would appreciate if you don’t email us in any of these two situations;

If you need to report a bug, please use the bug reporting system in this instance. If you need to report a player who has violated the Verimity policy, please click on the “report this player” button on the player’s profile.

For advertising inquiries, please contact Cameron Mendes at 225-967-7700, or email him at


Our Mailing Address:

10/12 Corridor

6067 Newton James Hwy

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