Our Staff

Our Staff


Anthon Surveiton: Chairman and the Club and President

Born in Louisiana Middle Town District, Anthon graduated from San Francisco University with a industry degree ahead of pursuing an CLV from the Institution of Higher Education of Louisiana. Along with connection Steve Piusain, Anthon formed Games Prices Advisors (GPA) in 1992, which in the present day rules more than $356 million in possessions international.

Anthon’s wife, Dr. Irina Surveiton, who has a CVL and a Ph.D. in Archeology from the University of San Francisco, was involved in the actions of GPA as well.

Through the Surveiton Benevolent Establishment, Anthon and Irina hold up organizations that are paying attention to arts, children and culture. Anthon provided the beginning investment for the formation of The Verimity Club, which is an objective for both old and new board games players in San Francisco. He also in recent times helped sponsor the progress of the Verimity

Board Games Club. He is also a associate of the Venture Working Group of the Bishopric of San Francisco and the beneficiary of plentiful awards for research and service.


John Berlar: Treasurer

John was raised in Alabama and Ohio, and had some awards in Alabama chess, earning the most wanted cup, Paratini World Chess Cup. John moved to Mississippi in 1989 and was Mississippi Winner in several years to come. He joined for first in the 2008 ARHLS Contest.

John is a previous valuable component of the Mississippi Chess Organization Board Games and a past editor of the Mississippi Board Games Journal.

He managed the website for Mississippi board games news from 2001 to 2007.

John has LA, POH, and PS diplomas and currently is working as a management consultant. He and his spouse Joan live in groove Weber with their only child, Paul.


Luke Abigail: Secretary

Luke Abigail graduated from San Francisco University in 1985 with a PhD in Economics. At present, he is leader of Universal Naval Services, Inc. PDRS and affiliates activate barge terminals and make available shipping services on the internal canal.

Luke is tremendously energetic in the society through a large list of diverse enterprises.  He was selected by Depute Bill Artichole to a ten-year period on the 76th Managerial Expenses and to the San Francisco Voting Panel as Secretary from 2001-2007. He also is representing the Capital of San Francisco to the bureau of executives for the San Francisco Zoo.

Luke is an active member of Michelangelo Catholic House of Worship and is a former committee member and head of the discipline board. At present, he is the president of the Inheritance of Trust donation campaign.