Everywhere in this apparently endless world, almost every single person is discovering the thrills of Rummikub an stimulating, dynamic game which mixes the building block of luck with calculated preparation to make available hours of attractive play Rummikub, gather together the most well-liked characteristics of a series of distinguished pastimes together with dominoes, Mah-Jong, rummy and even an element of backgammon, into a up to date game which keeps the awareness, stimulates the mind’s eye, challenges the common sense and pleases the mind of nowadays challenging game players.

Learn to Play Rummikub:

The Farster Way


Farster WAY is usually played by 4, 3, or 2 players. It seems to be extremely much like cards apart from you are dealing with tiles. There are 98 tiles in the game excluding 2 jokers.

There are 4 diverse painted tiles, blue, red, yellow, and black numbering 2 through 14.

The objective of this game is to reach to be the primary to get rid of all the tiles from your holder by putting them hooked on sets of groups and sets, and then putting them down on the table.

Your purpose, therefore, is to remain with as few tiles on your holder as possible.

Preparing the game

Blend the tiles carefully with the face downward on the game table. Every player chooses a tile in order to see who begins the game. The one who picks the uppermost tile is the one who puts the first tile down. The others go after going counting clockwise.

After you agree on who puts the first tile down, everybody picks 14 tiles.

The Start

First step is to place tiles on the table and each player must create an initial set of 75 points in solitary or multiple sets. These points have got to come from pieces on the holder only and not from tiles previously put on the table. Every tile from 2 to 9 is worth 5 points and each tile from 10 to 15 is worth 10 points. A joker can be used as every tile and its point significance is the same as the tile it substitutes when playing, and worth 50 points when held on your holder when another one wins the game.

The Game

As long as you put your first 75 points down on the table, you are at no cost to play at the table and maneuver and reorganize groups and sets. If you are not able to add to the other’s groups and runs, you have to pick a tile from the deck. Then you have to wait until your turn to add a tile again. You keep on selecting tiles until you are succeed in finding a run or group to add tiles or to put down another meld.

The Joker

A Joker might be used instead of any tile when you build a meld. The player can insert a tile to a group containing a Joker, no matter it is the end of a run or the fifth piece in a group. You cannot take back a tile if the group contains a Joker. You can take a Joker from the table only when you can replace it with a tile which worth the same.